About Thermal Water

In 2000, before the thermal water from the cracks, our hotel is the pool to 350 meters from our hotel by subtracting the garden at 252 meters per second from 72 degrees 50 liters of any mixture being applied after cooling by means of direct heat exchanger (hot water and cooling capability of each of the last water from the cold water pipe) in terms of rich countries have a wealth of resources in terms of health from the use of geothermal water sunulmaktadır.şifal given to the thermal pool is among the top seven countries in the world. One of these resources are also available at the hotel. It is offering treatment to patients with 2,000 years of healing water of our hotel in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, hydrotherapy, in addition to electrotherapy unit Turkish bath, sauna, massage type, Mud and plants Bath, Barber, Worthy Jacuzzi to the King and Sultan Aromatherapy Milk Bath, Daisy & thyme bath and fitness and aerobics are offered such services to maintain your vitality.

Thermal Water Benefits

Rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory joint rheumatism)
Ankylosing spondylitis (spine once the disease becomes stationary type)
Osteortroz and (Arthritis)
Skin diseases like psoriasis
Soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia, joint pain)
Back and neck hernia, disc diseases such as siyafalj
Fascia - the tendon diseases>
Low back and neck pain
The stiffness in the joints and stiffness occur after various orthopedic surgery
Neurological diseases (neuralgia, nerve pain and stroke, such as paralysis)
Muscle diseases
The strength of the organism by regulating the iron level, removing structural weaknesses
Longstanding some inflammatory diseases
sexual dysfunction in men (Empontants) and infertility problems
All problems related to stress and stress
Insomnia, irritability, physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness
Hair loss and nail breakage and skin diseases
Beauty and skin diseases
Chronic pain
treatment of gynecological diseases

When using our thermal Caution Do Not Need

In our country, the use of thermal water are generally known to be incorrect. If any thing more than what brings more harm than good in the same way be limited in duration to the thermal pools and must be used if used within the program. Thermal pools are pools for therapy and treatment. Thermal pools should be administered as 2 cycles per day in 15-20 minute periods. Allows the toxins from the body because it is a very high percentage of antioxidant thermal waters. Detoxify the body's immune system increases. Increasing the body's immune system is accelerated in the struggle with many diseases. should not swim in the thermal waters, try moving the sweat glands of the body and clog the pores in the skin, so the body is cleaned before entering the thermal pool and the pool is completed by waiting cure. Human body temperature is 36.5 degrees. The water in the spa treatment temperature should be close to body temperature. Generally deemed appropriate temperature ranges from 37.0 degrees to 40.0 degrees. People in "What if I take up the hot water, the better." There is a false belief and he düşünülenyayg and tehlikelidir.bilinçl bukesinlikl wrong and should get help from experts in prior necessarily a thermal plant for thermal use. If the person must be knowledgeable about the health situation and there before the thermal pool use after people's health problems identified by the people of başlanmalıdır.kaplı using thermal treatment can be given within specific programs in almost all chronic diseases. In particular motion system diseases, joint arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis and inflammatory in the chronic phase of rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, are usually administered as bath after trauma and orthopedic procedures. skin diseases, eczema, acne, thermo bath applications in diseases such as psoriasis, the combination of sun and climatic treatment can be applied. Stomach, intestines, liver and bile ducts in discomfort, gout and in diabetes, such as metabolic disease and uygulanmaktadır.böbrek, mainly mud treatments and urinary tract of chronic infection and urolithiasis, mud and yapılmaktadır.Kaplıca curing applications cures practice patients daily work and family It purifies the physical and mental suffering, given the life. People living in the present in the environment and affect the course of disease in a bad direction, away from the influence of many factors. Thermal environment of nature and climate, people etkiler.ancak fiery and infectious disease in a positive direction, heart, kidneys and liver, such as organ failure, active cancer, stomach ulcers, hungry wounds (bleeding) receiving a spa treatment of the disease is certainly inconvenient.

Mud Bath

Wooden Hüdayi springs, the most distinctive feature of the hot springs, mud baths, which are spread throughout the world reputation. This miraculous mud baths and 500 meters ongoing geological crack in different places with temperatures reaching 68 degrees boiled water consists of healing soil mixture is prepared in a special way. 2000-year-boxes offer the miraculous healing waters of the Thermal Park Hotel quality and service to our valued guests with comfort. Sandikli Thermal Park impacts your body of Hotel water and mud and benefits surprisingly fazladır.inflamatuv of rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis) Chronic back pain in chronic phase, notably myositis of noninflammatory joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, trauma, soft tissue, such as fibromyalgia syndrome orthopedic surgery as a complementary treatment component in the treatment of disease, in order neurosurgery after long-term selected in the chronic phase of mobilization work in inactivity state rehabilitation in neurological disorders, stress disorder, autonomic nervous and dystonia in general stress disorder, as in the example and sport supportive injuries / used as a complementary treatment elements nature.

Thermal Steam Room Benefits

Body temperature is performed utilizing thermal water vapor at temperatures above the thermal. Embodiment generally inhale through the inhalation vapor (inhalation) format. therapy in the treatment of central hot water vapor through the vapor hole in the roof or floor is transmitted to the room. for the relief of skin problems of the hot water vapor to be helpful bilinmektedir.sıcaklık is around 45 degrees, relative humidity up to 100% to close. of purification of the body toxins are thought to be the simplest way. This way opens the pores of the skin, sweat millions bezez starts secretion. The body, it produces and expels metabolic waste. Blood circulation is accelerated, but on the one hand because of the accelerating flow of blood pressure does not rise to the effect of temperature is expanding capillaries. Steam provides relief of inflammation and obstruction of the upper respiratory tract membranes. Humidifying the air throat irritation, spasmodic breathing (asthma, whooping cough) improves. Steam from the liberalizing throat secretions and stimulates the secretion of mucus from the lungs. The steam relaxes muscles and reduces cough. Protecting it from the steam mucus too dry.



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