Sandikli Thermal Park Hotel as we promised to play with a vision that promotes the sustainability of the current environment and our work on behalf of the benefit of future generations. Responsible for making choices we can all contribute to reducing negative effects on the environment, we believe. Thank you for your support to the contribution of this hotel's surroundings.

How to play a major role in supporting environmental protection, to see to, please review the following applications.

  • Do not use your car only for a day. Walk, ride a bike or use public transportation.
  • Keep Energy. Extinguish non-essential lights, do not leave unused appliances plugged into the wall socket and hold off the air conditioning running windows.
  • Water is priceless. Only 1% of the water resources in the world 'I used to drink. Let's not waste it. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Do not dispose of unnecessary items to the toilet.
  • your sheets, your towels, before the value of water washed your robes, detergents and so on. The damage caused by the nature of the chemical waste Think.
  • Reduce your use. Reuse, recycling support. More data support the use recycling bags to say no.
  • Respect for nature and heritage cult. Help us nature and wildlife conservation and build an environment pretending them was your own home.
  • Support the movement to protect nature. There are hundreds of businesses with experience in the environmental and social mitigation efforts. Make your choice wisely daily expenses.

But most important of all the mud and healing waters merkezindeyk when you have a great time taking advantage of our services offered.

Sandikli Thermal Park Hotel you again, 'we will be happy to accommodate.



  • Caravan & Camping Service

    Caravan & Camping Our offer is valid between 09/06/2015 and 18/09/2015 date. To take advantage of this opportunity validity campaign between online / through call center and must be booked

  • Sandıklı Thermal Park Spa Packages

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