Our Hotel St. Michel in which the number of patients treated and the holy cities of Frigya'lı been the subject of many legends boxes' Hüdayi is located in Hot Springs. Boxes installed in the space of 40,000 square meters Thermal Park Hotel opened its doors opened in April 10, 2010.

5-star hotel, which is a thermal plant boxes district 6 km, 60 km from Afyon city center. Away. Our hotel consisting of Yunus Emre, including 2 blocks; 156 standard, 28 family, 2 Junior Suites, 2 King Suites and 2 handicapped rooms, including 190 rooms / 574 has a bed capacity.

Rooms; carpets, central heating, air conditioning, minibar, safety deposit box, national and international satellite LCD TV, music channels, direct dial telephone, vanity table, magnifying make-up mirror, shower, hair dryer and a bathroom with a telephone and seating.

Total; 2 outdoor, 3 indoor swimming pool, 3 thermal pools for spa treatments, 8 private family bathroom is available. Fitness Center, Thermal Buffet, water slides and children's pools are designed to help you assess our esteemed guests enjoy their holiday in the best way. Thermal SPA massage by expert hands in the division, mud wrapping, herbal baths, facials and hairstyling services are provided. Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is open to service by trained personnel. Wooden Hüdayi springs, the most distinctive feature of the other spas, mud baths, which are spread throughout the world reputation. This miraculous mud baths and 500 meters ongoing geological crack in different places with temperatures reaching 68 degrees boiled water consists of healing soil mixture is prepared in a special way. 2000 years of miraculous healing waters with boxes Thermal Park Hotel we offer quality and comfort. Thermal SPA health complex consists of a section is built on an area of ​​4,188 square meters in total.

Male and Female in Thermal Thermal section; Thermal Pool, Steam Room, Thermal Steam Room, Natural Sauna, Turkish Bath, Snow (only Bay Thermal), Peeling & Foam rooms, is located Mrs specific to Thermal swimming pool in the women section. Mr Thermal and Female is the opportunity to transition to a shared pool of the Thermal section, which in the common 1 common therapeutic thermal pool, 1 water slide, 1 children's pool and 1 Jacuzzi Indoor large swimming pool and 2 outdoor swimming pool is available. The thermal plant is rare for children in the Mini Club service available, our trained staff leave the profession with your children can experience peace of mind to enjoy your holiday fullest. Fun Bar 's warm and decent environment will not call you to the living room while sipping tea in tea and cookies time and day you will feel that you are in an environment.

Also; Billiards, Table Tennis, Library, Internet Cafe, Play Station, Card Games, Okey, Backgammon, chess and so on. You can benefit from our services. Ahlul Joy Bar at 20:00 to 00:00 between the hours of your evening with live music feast will become more vivid. When you get hungry while enjoying a snack bar and the pool and the sun, especially in summer when you want to cool your service with food and drinks. Lobby of the league in the terrace section you can integrate with your hookah and oriental enjoy tea while watching a giant screen in the corner you can feel special. Sandikli Thermal Park Hotel extraordinary vision and innovative management concept with boxes' in becoming a different hotel in the thermal tourism sector and throwing many firsts in their fields with the friendly staff at your disposal.



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    Caravan & Camping Our offer is valid between 09/06/2015 and 18/09/2015 date. To take advantage of this opportunity validity campaign between online / through call center and must be booked

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